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1. To secrete or produce saliva. 2. Informal To be full of desire or eagerness for something: salivated at the idea of winning the lottery. v.tr.

Salivating meaning

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Our Pasttenses English Hindi translation dictionary contains a list of total 2 Hindi words that can be used for  salivate meaning in malay: air liur | Learn detailed meaning of salivate in malay dictionary with audio prononciations, definitions and usage. This page also  Is this cause for concern? In hypersalivation, your salivary glands produce more saliva than usual. If the extra saliva begins to accumulate, it may begin to drip  salivate, salivated, salivates, salivating. English to Hindi Dictionary: salivate.


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What Is Saliva and What Is Its Purpose? Saliva is derived from blood, which helps maintain the health of hard and soft tissues in your mouth.

Salivating meaning

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Salivating meaning

But when this balance in volume goes for a toss and excess saliva accumulates in your mouth, it can get uncomfortable and even distressing. But unwanted, excessive drooling — usually while sleeping — is no laughing matter. It can be annoying and embarrassing. “Excess saliva, also known as hypersalivation or sialorrhea, can be a result of excess production or decreased clearance of saliva,” said Dr. Paula Barry, physician at Penn Family and Internal Medicine Longwood. This can lead to drooling which typically is not cause for concern, but at times can be a sign of a larger health problem. Saliva helps prevent tooth decay by neutralizing acids produced by bacteria, limiting bacterial growth and washing away food particles.

Salivating meaning

salivate (all) over (someone or something) 1. Literally, to release saliva from one's mouth onto someone or something.
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Salivating meaning

intransitive verb. 1 : to have a flow of saliva especially in excess. 2 : to show great desire or anticipation : drool. Other Words from salivate Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about salivate.

Intuition tells us that electric shock is painful, but when it regularly precedes feeding, the dog will salivate on being shocked. The other group of people that will be salivating are the population.
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To secrete or produce saliva. 2. Informal To be full of desire or eagerness for something: salivated at the idea of winning the lottery. salivating definition: 1.

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The hungry teen was salivating over a hamburger picture on the television.

Earlier today someone posted the shrimp taco and I instantly began salivating. I recognized the name of the restaurant as I've been meaning to visit for the  av P Nylén · 2009 · Citerat av 1 — Ivan Pavlov is known to most people for his salivating dogs. is regarded as an active process, involving the construction of meaning” (ibid). It is by no means clear whether these will be joint efforts, or in other words whether attempts will in fact be made to improve social policy in all areas. I even insinuated my tongue in salivating mouths, 1. the verb "zéler" does not exist, I'm just guessing what he means there.